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The Show

Olivier Laurent

Created and directed by Gil Marsalla, from Nice, and performed by the Belgian Olivier Laurent, this tribute show to the great Jacques has already taken the world by storm.

Many are talking about him as if he has been brought back to life. On stage, Olivier Laurent does not imitate Brel, he is Brel, revisiting the lyrics of his greatest songs like his life depended on it. With this concert already performed over a hundred times in front of audiences ecstatic or moved to tears, in Paris, Montreal, New York, Stockholm, Beirut, London or Dubai, it’s through his voice, passion, irony and sensitivity that the artist pays splendid tribute to the greatest French-language singer Belgium has ever known. Accompanied by four exceptional musicians, he gives body and soul to capture the frenzied rhythm of La Valse à Mille temps, energetically and elegantly recreates Ces gens-là, Les Vieux or Les Bigotes. And even lets us (re)discover Voir un ami pleurer from the album Les Marquises, which Jacques Brel was too ill to have the time to sing on stage. A great blast of poetry and a veritable performance. Guaranteed to thrill!

“… Olivier Laurent does not imitate Brel, he personifies him on stage.
A show which will transport you through time with the best of Brel.”

Le Parisien

“Thrilling: Olivier Laurent does not imitate Brel, he brings him back to life.”
Le Figaro

“I spent years looking for a performer who would be able to match the global icon who is Jacques Brel, and I’ve found just one … it’s Olivier Laurent!…”

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