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The Story of a Legend

100th anniversary world tour

Starring the internationally acclaimed JULES GRISON

“Formidable! Aznavour” is not a simple tribute to French chanson icon Charles Aznavour, it’s an emotional journey through his life and extraordinary career, celebrating his greatest songs.

The audience is transported by the singer Jules Grison, reliving the magic and essence of Parisian bohemia. Gil Marsalla and Jules Grison have succeeded in recreating the enchanting atmosphere of the bustling streets of the French capital, where Aznavour drew his inspiration.

Each song performed is a piece in the puzzle of his life, from humble beginnings to international consecration. The artists on stage capture the raw emotion of Aznavour’s lyrics, conveying every nuance with talent and sensitivity. This tribute to Charles Aznavour is an ode to the life and art of an artist who left his mark on music history. “Formidable! Aznavour” proves that the music of this immense artist still resonates so powerfully today, continuing to touch hearts and inspires new generations.

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