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Official Tribute GILBERT BÉCAUD

with the participation of his daughter Emily Bécaud

Starring by the internationally acclaimed by Jules Grison


Considered one of the greatest French singer/songwriters of all time, Gilbert Bécaud left his musical mark on the whole world. His songs have been covered by the greatest artists around the world including Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, Sonny and Cher, James Brown and many others…
Gil Marsalla is proud to announce the launch of a world tour Tribute to Gilbert Becaud this year making the 20th anniversary of the passing of this global icon of francophone music.
“…Gilbert Bécaud is one of the greatest composers of the 20th century with a career spanning nearly 50 years and more than 650 songs. He is the first musical idol, even before the Beatles.  His songs have become standards in the United States, Canada, Russia…the world has sung, sings and will continue to sing his legendary hits for a long time to come.  And now it’s my turn to pay tribute to Mr. 100,000 Volts…” Jules Grison

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